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Q - Is the Managed IT Support costly?

Our costs are reduced as most of what we do is automated. We calculate how many devices you have then align how much support you need with built-in SLA’s.

Q - How do you monitor a computer or server?

We install software know as an ‘Agent’ that is secure and connects back to us, nobody else.

Q - Is there an agent privacy mode?

Yes! – Privacy Mode is a method by which the end user can control any connection to be established to their device. When Privacy Mode is enabled on a device, the end user will be prompted to accept or deny requests for a connection to their device, including remote takeover sessions. The connection cannot be established until the request is accepted by the end user. Privacy Mode applies to all remote support tools in the Agent Browser as well.

Privacy Mode can be enabled by the end user on the device, or in the Web Portal through an Agent policy. Once Privacy Mode is enabled, it can only be disabled by the end user on the device itself.

Q - Which Anti-Virus do you use?

We use Webroot as this ‘talks’ back to our monitoring system and creates alerts and tickets which are then resolved.

Q - We have problems with Windows updates, can you help?

We set window updates to be performed at an agreed date and time. If you have a server this is done out of hours.

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