Testing times are here and now, so how are you adjusting to the new norm?

There is no doubt that those who are new to working from home (WFH) will be finding it difficult for various reasons depending on your personal circumstances. If you can make sure to create a dedicated workspace that makes it ‘feel’ like work, this helps to concentrate and make sure everyone knows when you are at ‘work’ they should help you focus on what you are doing. Depending on budgets a sit-stand desk can help your wellbeing, not forgetting to take regular brakes and keep stretching. Being isolated can be difficult for many especially those who normally work in larger teams. You can overcome this by using technology and there is no better way than virtual meetings and video conference calls with colleagues.

This is where your IT provider can help you smooth the transition of WFH with simple technology. You should be able to collaborate with both colleagues and clients but how? Microsoft Teams help you chat with those you work with , utilising Microsoft Office 365 and Teams. Depending on your service provider they may be in a position to enable telephone calls via the software. Over the next year this piece of tech with Microsoft will be much sought after and become widely used throughout business.

Not using MS Teams? Then there are other solutions available such as Gamma’s Collaboration software. This software is part of a telephony system known as Horizon, just install the software on your computer and use a webcam for both visual and voice.

Remember to use your IT provider as they are there to support you WFH and assist the transition back to office working once the pandemic allows everyone to do so.

Should you have any questions, never struggle alone.