This month (February 2017) we are celebrating 10 years in business.

Having established the company in 2007 we have seen many changes in both the IT and Telecoms market but also in the way customers work.

Back in 2007 Neil Thompson set about contacting potential customers who wanted a more friendly approach and someone willing to listen to  their problems and not only that, to act upon them. Having that caring approach instilled confidence and that Comspec actually heard what the customer was saying. Problems were fixed, solutions provided but this wasn’t really enough for both supplier and customer as firefighting was costly and downtime was a pain to the customer.

So what was the solution?

In 2008 we decided that the way forward was automation, what is that you may ask? In simple terms all systems are managed over the cloud by installing remote agents on the devices such as servers and desktops. This meant that we could offer support at a reduced cost as we monitor and support devices from any location. Alerts were sent when monitors breached, this meant we could often deal with the issue before it became a issue. Problems can equate to downtime and even loss of business for an hour or two, sometimes longer.

This vision is still the forefront of what we do today, monitor, manage and act.

During service reviews it became apparent that our customers were frustrated by their telecoms provider both in terms of bills and who to contact. We went away and sought the best telcos in terms of service and reliability and offered those as an additional service such as VoIP and SIP Trunks.

What impact did this have on our customers?

Firstly it meant they knew exactly who to contact and not be kept waiting in a telephone queue for an hour waiting to speak to someone. It does make life easy knowing you have one direct telephone number to call if you have problems or a simple query.

In a nutshell we have made lives a lot easier and simplified process and automated where we can.

Win-Win for us and our customers everyone is happy!