Traditional lines and minutes were sold when most calls passed over the Plain Old Telephone Service knows as POTS, this is no longer the case.Calls over POTS can be very expensive and if you have an ISDN line into your telephone system, this is also adding to the costs and with BT switching off ISDN in 2025 migrating to calls over the internet is the way forward.In today’s digital age everything appears to be pushed over a broadband connection and this can be true with telephone calls. The bonus is that ‘on-net’ calls are free, in simple terms that’s when both the person making and receiving the call has an IP connection or VoIP, basically the telephone call goes over the broadband connection and this is where savings can be made.You should be speaking to your current telecoms provider and asking the question about call rates and what options are available to you. If they want to keep you on the current tariff look for an alternative as it’s possible to move from pay-as-you-go to an all inclusive call bundle. Of course the all inclusive will cost a little more per seat but if you are making lots of calls this can work out more cost effective and you’ll be able to budget your spends each month.If you are unsure you call always call our team at Comspec on 01204 898055 and we’ll guide you through our Horizon phone system or why not take a look at the video.