As we continued to shout out “We are still here 10 years on” this month we visited Leigh and the marvellous Leigh Sports Village Stadium.

We had a great day networking with fellow exhibitors and the many visitors during the event hosted by Launch Events and special thanks to Nichola Howard whose enthusiasm made the day a success.

Our promotional theme was based on the Horizon Hosted Telephone System and how quality has improved over the years with calls made over the internet, mainly due to faster broadband. Not all broadband connections are suitable though so we do recommend testing both the latency and jitter. What? Don’t worry we always try to be jargon free so it’s best we do this for you. Ideally we prefer broadband installed by us as this can either be assured (just for voice) or converge (data and voice).

Its best just to speak to us as many did on the day and we will explain things in plain English instead of technical jargon.

Look out for us at the Wigan Expo 2017 on 6th October.